Providing Armenian SMEs with the know-how to succeed


Whether it be rebranding, reorganising, re-financing or expanding, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing Armenian small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with the know how to succeed.

When regional telecom company Bargavachogh Tsantser Ltd. was looking to rebrand, the EBRD provided the financing the company needed to develop a strong corporate identity. As a result of this assistance, the company was able to improve its managerial effectiveness, leading to increases in sales and turnover.

Likewise, when Pandok Yerevan needed help putting together a comprehensive business plan, the EBRD delivered. The company was able to use the plan to secure financing from a local bank, which was used to expand its chain of restaurants – and more than doubling its annual turnover.

Last but not least, the EBRD played an influential role in helping local management consulting firm ManPower Labs Ltd. improve its market performance and transform itself into a qualified consultant. As a result, it more than doubled its sales and increased its annual turnover by over 400 %.

Regardless of what kind of assistance your SME needs, the EBRD is your ideal partner for business success.