Increasing the role of women in Azerbaijani businesses

female farmer

By providing female farmers with training in the practical skills of crop care and running a farming business, women in Azerbaijan are leading the country’s many family farms into the black.

The LIFE project works to increase the number of women in leadership roles within the farming and agricultural sectors. To accomplish this, and with the support of the European Union (EU), the project provides women with training in a range of farm related skills, including:

  • using innovative technologies within a farm setting
  • basic business skills to ensure profitability
  • planting and crop care
  • harvesting and marketing

The goal is that with these skills, a female farmer will be more prepared to take the spot of head farmer among Azerbaijan’s many farming families.

One of the project’s first participants was Sevda Valiyeva. As part of the LIFE programme, she was provided in-depth and hands-on training in such skills as cultivating strawberries and growing vegetables in a greenhouse.

According to her, with this skill set she was able to optimise the use of her family’s small farm and, as a result, increase their monthly income.

Because of her success, Sevda is now regarded as a leading figure on the use of innovative techniques in small farming. Today, you are just as likely to find this hard-working female farmer speaking at international agricultural events and meetings as you are to find her tending her crops back on the farm.