Improving women’s presence in business – one cut at a time

Turkan Panahova, a successful 22 year old hairdresser, attends to one of her many clients.

Thanks to an EU-funded course on financial management, hairdresser Turkan Panahova is now the proud owner of her own successful beauty salon.

Turkan Panahova, a young hairdresser in Azerbaijan, was struggling to make her business work. Although business was good, she had trouble finding the best way to manage her money and grow the business.

Thanks to a two-day EU-funded financial training course, Turkan learned about financial loans and received practical tips on managing her profit and saving for the future.

Today, this confident 22 year-old female has her feet firmly on the ground – and her business is booming because of it. She has a keen understanding of how to make accurate calculations and projections before taking a loan. She was even able to save enough money to be able to open her own beauty salon, where she now works with her sister and three assistants.