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EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line

>300,000 (simple projects); >3,000,000 (complex projects)
Investment focus: 
All SMEs

This programme offers loans and grant incentives to SMEs through local partner banks, in order to finance investments to achieve compliance with EU rules and standards under the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) agreed with the EU, and to help businesses better define those investments and improve their international competitiveness. Investments can range from upgrading equipment and technologies to introducing new quality, health or safety standards.

Specifically, the EBRD credit line provides loans through local banks for investments by SMEs in a list of approved technologies (ranging from medical equipment to laser cutting machines), investments in improving product quality and safety of agriculture and food processing sectors as well as for modernisation projects in any industrial or service sector.

The loans amount can vary from around €300,000 up to €3 million and are combined with EU-funded grant incentives of up to 15% of the loan amount provided to an SME.

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Financing for SMEs for DCFTA-related investments through local banks

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