Visibility and Communication for actions related to AA/DCFTA implementation in the framework of EU-funded assistance programmes

Start/end date: 
2017 - 2019
Implementing partner: 
Project Group International
EU budget: 
€1.9 million

The project carries out a range of communications actions to raise awareness of the benefits of full implementation of the Association Agreement (AA) and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) and to encourage full participation of businesses to take advantage of the opportunities offered. It also packages and provides relevant practical information and sources of support to businesses to support them in this direction.


The aim of the project is to support the Republic of Moldova, and in particular, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, to increase awareness and understanding of the benefits of a fully implemented and fully participatory AA/DCFTA.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • design and implement a focused public awareness programme, including communication campaigns for specific target audiences, promoting the benefits of (i) full implementation of  and (ii) full participation in AA/DCFTA.
  • help deliver focused, practical information targeting the needs of both large enterprises/exporters and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). 


The primary beneficiary is the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. Other beneficiaries include the Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organisation (MIEPO) and the Organisation for Development of SMEs (ODIMM). Key stakeholders include businesses, business associations and CSOs. The ultimate beneficiaries are Moldovan citizens and businesses.

Activities include:

  • Online ‘news bureau’ to provide factual information, correct inaccuracies and provide resources for journalists about DCFTA;
  • Opinion research to identify key needs of business community and the public;
  • Portfolio of help services for businesses developed;
  • Creation of “One-Stop-Shop” to provide information to assist businesses through online platforms and tours of regions;
  • 3 national awareness-raising campaigns
  • Videos explaining aspects of DCFTA
  • Training sessions/workshops/ visibility events 


The effectiveness of the communications campaign is measured by progress towards:

  1. Full Implementation – leading to legislation passed, procedures adopted and implemented, progress reported as success stories, and public satisfaction documented through success stories and/or surveys;
  2. Full Participation – leading to increased numbers of business benefits achieved and challenges overcome as a result of improved access to useful information.   


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