Moving Forward Together: EU Delegation in Ukraine launches communication campaign to raise awareness of cooperation


The Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine is launching an all-Ukrainian communication campaign ‘Moving Forward Together’ designed to increase awareness with Ukrainian audiences about the benefits and opportunities of EU-Ukraine cooperation.

The initial campaign focus will be on the following EU priorities in Ukraine:

The campaign highlights key EU programmes and initiatives, including EU4Business, Horizon 2020, and Creative Europe to demonstrate the EU's support for small and medium business, innovation, and the organisation of culture in Ukraine.

We have initiated a nationwide communication campaign aiming to illustrate benefits of EU-Ukraine cooperation for Ukrainians today. We want citizens in this country to be aware of the support that the EU provides Ukraine and use the many opportunities that it provides, including youth, businesses and culture and education institutions of this country. In partnership with the Ukrainian government, this cooperation will result in positive changes and improvement of lives of Ukrainian citizens,” said Ambassador Hugues Mingarelli, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

Ukraine is a priority partner and the EU has pledged more than €12 billion for Ukraine during the last three years. However, 77% of Ukrainians are unaware of EU programmes in Ukraine according to a December 2017 survey. Awareness of the EU programmes and the opportunities and benefits they offer Ukrainian in the fields of trade, culture and education exchanges, the support for the key reforms like decentralisation or to the assistance for the internally displaced people is even lower. 

The Moving Forward Together campaign will be launched on March 12 on national TV and will be followed with more targeted and specific information on EU projects and programmes in print, digital and outdoor media.

“The campaign slogan ‘Moving Forward Together’ reflects the positive partnership of the EU-Ukraine and the one goal it shares,” explained Michael Chamberlain, Team Leader and Creative Director of the EU project ‘Communicating Europe in Ukraine’.