Training for Women in Business: the keys to financial management

02/11/2017 to 03/11/2017

Women entrepreneurs are invited to take part in a financial management training hosted by the Business Support Centre in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, created by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) under the EU4Business initiative of the European Union. The ‘Keys to financial management’ training takes place in two parts on  28-29 September, and 2-3 November, 2017.

The course – organised in the framework of the EU4Business Network of Business Support Centres, implemented in Ukraine by the EBRD – is specifically designed for women in business and consists of two modules of two days each. Between the two modules, participants will have time to apply in practice the knowledge gained during the first session and prepare questions for the second one.

The training is based on best international practices translated into Ukrainian specifics and with in-depth expert knowledge. The course is interactive, and includes practical exercises and real examples.

The training will be conducted by two experienced EBRD-accredited trainers specialising in financial management for company owners and non-financial executives.

During the 4 days of training, participants will learn:

• How to understood from financial reporting what is actually happening with your business?

• What to do to make your profit bigger and bigger?

• How to compile and meet a plan?

• How to identify risks? Is it possible to mitigate them?

• How to develop a financial management system?

• How to choose the source of business financing?

• What key skills are needed to negotiate with banks, venture companies and business angels?

The EU-funded Network of Business Support Centres project aims to improve the competitiveness and bankability of Ukrainian SMEs through the provision of business advice and capacity building. It also supports BSOs in 15 regions of Ukraine in setting up a network of EU4Business Business Support Centres (BSCs). At least 30,000 SMEs and entrepreneurs will benefit from the project.

The EBRD also implements another EU4Business programme, Women in Business, which helps women-led SMEs to access the finance and the know-how they need to grow. Under the programme, the EBRD provides access to finance through credit lines to local banks dedicated to women-led SMEs, alongside business advice to help businesses become more competitive. The programme also offers training, mentoring and other support to enable women entrepreneurs to share experiences and learn from each other.


Module 2 – 2-3/11/ 2017


More information about the training can be found here.

There is a participation fee of UAH 3,085, which includes the cost of hand-out materials, light breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch.

The number of places is limited.

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For further details please contact or call +38 050 973 65 25, +38 050 407 33 54.


Pokrovska Street, 9/1