Balancing the interests of business, state, and consumers: round table on self-regulation in Ukraine


A round-table on self-regulation in Ukraine is being organised in Kyiv on 3 November 2017, by the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), with the support of the EU4Business project FORBIZ.

Titled, ‘Self-regulation in Ukraine: balancing the interests of business, state, and consumers’, the round-table will discuss the following issues:

  • Competent self-regulation as a guarantee of sustainable development of the Ukrainian economy
  • Self-regulation in EU directives – best practices for Ukraine
  • Key stakeholders’ cooperation for achieving common goals
  • Self-regulation as a model of market regulation: possibilities, challenges, and perspectives
  • Creating business-oriented regulation through constructive dialogue between the state and business.

The BRDO will also present the Green Book on “Self-regulation in Ukraine” and the content of self-regulation reform in the country, raising the issues of why and for who is self-regulation needed, the difference between self-regulation and co-regulation, and the absence of framework law.

Among the speakers will be:

  • Denys Hutenko, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship Develoment and Regulatory Policy, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
  • Viktor Halasiuk, Head of the Parliament Committee for Industry Policy and Entrepreneurship
  • Pavlo Mikhailidi, President of the Union of Crisis-Managers of Ukraine
  • Oleksii Kyi, President of the Professional Association of Capital Markets and Derivatives Members
  • Hennadii Chyzhykov, President of the Trade and Industry Chamber of Ukraine
  • Mykhailo Sokolov, Deputy Head of All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council
  • Vadym Hutoshnyk, General Director of Joint Ukrainian-German Enterprise “STS Nord- Diex”
  • Larysa Starikova, Coordinator of the Analytical Centre of the Agrarian Union of Ukraine
  • Vladyslav Sedyk, President of the Phytosanitary Association of Ukraine

Part of the EU4Business initiative, the EU-funded FORBIZ project supports Ukraine’s reform agenda and its economic recovery by proposing a systemic change to a more business-friendly environment with a particular focus on SMEs. The project seeks to steer a shift in policy towards greater recognition of SMEs and the vital role they play in economic recovery, while addressing the challenge of reducing regulatory burden and lessening risk for businesses. 




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